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Vredestein and DJ Hardwell launch new #ROCKTHEROAD music video ‘Run Wild’

04 March 2016

Vredestein, a brand of tyre manufacturer Apollo Tyres Ltd, has unveiled a second collaborative music venture as part of its #ROCKTHEROAD campaign. After the release of the United We Are - Vredestein Remix last October, the all­-new track Run Wild by DJ Hardwell & Jake Reese again features the beautiful Spanish racing driver Carmen Jorda.

In the Run Wild video, Vredestein captures the excitement of driving and blends it to stunning effect in this new musical and visual treat. Carmen Jorda is literally drawn into the Vredestein #ROCKTHEROAD race game as she skilfully navigates her way through hazardous obstacles dropped by Hardwell. Who wins? Is it just a game, or Hardwell’s desire to meet her once again in the heat of the night. As the story progresses it becomes increasingly surreal, ending in an intense dance scene as Carmen and Hardwell meet under a full moon. At the end of which the viewer will discover it was more than just a game.

The Run Wild track features pop singer Jake Reese singing lyrics that support the quest of Hardwell and his memories of a lady with whom he once shared his feelings and enjoyed true freedom. He is feeling locked up, and his only wish is to once again enjoy life to the fullest together with her. He is now waiting for the right time to recapture that glorious moment.


The video has a positive gameish look & feel in which the performance of both the car and tyres play an important role, as is the case in popular games such as Need for Speed and Project Cars. A combination of live action, Background Projection and 2D/3D animation were deployed to achieve this look.

All the car-to-car wide shots were filmed in Spain with supporting material filmed in the Netherlands. To place Carmen in this virtual race game reality, director Rogier Gerritsen (Sounds Like Film) initiated that all close-up shots were filmed against background projections in the studio, a classic Hollywood technique used by movie giants such as Hitchcock and Tarantino.

The video is now officially released and will be available tonight on http://www.rocktheroad.com and DJ Hardwell’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/robberthardwell


  • CLIENT: Apollo Tyres Ltd.
  • RESPONSIBLE: Bandi Vaczi
  • CONCEPT-SCRIPT: Sounds Like Film
  • DIRECTOR: Rogier Gerritsen
  • PRODUCER: Jorrit Gerritsen

  • PRODUCTION MANAGER: Arjen Oosterbaan
  • POST PRODUCTION: Sounds Like Film
  • EDITOR: Rogier Gerritsen
  • COLORIST: Jef Grosfeld

  • GRAPHICS: Robin Douwes
  • 2D ANIMATIONS: Hugo de Kok
  • 3D ANIMATIONS: Klaas Rowaan, Niels van der Heijden
  • VISUAL FX: Floris van der Veen
  • SOUND DESIGN: Nando Eweg

For further information please contact: Romy uit het Broek +31 (0)53 4888439 romy.uithetbroek@apollovredestein.com About Apollo Vredestein B.V. Apollo Vredestein B.V. is part of Apollo Tyres Ltd., a young, ambitious and dynamic company with a unique identity. Apollo Vredestein B.V. is a multinational business concern that includes the brands, Vredestein and Apollo in its portfolio. The company designs, manufactures and sells top quality tyres for two wheelers, cars and commercial vans as well as a range of agricultural and industrial applications.